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Hyperion Investments L.L.C. is your reliable source for home repair and remodeling products. We offer a large variety of tools and supplies to make all of your construction projects successful. Since 2019, we’ve been the proud supplier for homeowners, contractors, landlords, and builders in New Jersey.

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Hyperion Investments L.L.C. has been supplying customers throughout New Jersey with home improvements products, supplies, and general support since 2019. We take pride in serving both retail customers, such as homeowners and renters, and professional customers, such as builders, contractors, and repairmen. Our experienced team of home improvements professionals are committed to providing guidance, inspiration as well as hands-on building assistance.

At Hyperion Investments L.L.C., we’re interested in helping anyone involved in building or remodeling, no matter the size of the project. We specialize in Doors, Flooring, and Windows, and offer high-quality, brand-name building materials. Our priority is to help you in any way we can in order to see your project through to completion.


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